my privacy policy (a love story)

yo, heres a list of the info i collect on you because im required to tell you that by law;
i dont collect any data on you specifically per se,
just like, statistics and stuff (in technical terms i mask the last two bytes of anyone's ip)
i check which countries people visit my site from,
i check how visited each page is,
i check how cool my users are (jk theyre all pretty cool (that includes you too (unless you sue me for having a bad privacy policy (pls dont do that im poor (pls))))),
and also from which site did you come from.

i pretty much use that info to sorta see if there are any spikes in the site usage, and what caused those spikes so that i can plan my marketing better,
how many "fans" or so do i have so that i can plan ahead and know my community,
and also like, reorginize my site so that it can be more effective

i dont use google analytics cause google sux lol
the analytics service i use is matomo (aka piwik, a real shame they changed their name to matomo, piwik sounds way cooler)
but like i turned off cookie collections so you aint got no cookies on your computer (cookies are small files that are saved on your computer, sorta like save files but for websites)

oh also if anyone threatens me with guns n shit to hand the info i *will* hand them the info so keep that in mind.
but also like, its all anonymous so you shouldnt worry

if you have any questions hmu on twitter dms or send me an email at [email protected]

alright thnx for coming to my ted talk, lov yall